We are passionate that every individual has the opportunity to thrive. 

Rahab supports those who work in the sex industry, including those who are exploited, working with them to break free from the cycles of abuse, poverty and addiction

What we do

We are recruiting new volunteers for our outreach work.  Could this be you?

We are looking for Christians across Reading to join us on outreach to look out for these women, meet them where they are and simply be there for them.

If they want us to pray with them, we will, if they want to talk about God and our faith  – we will; but we will also talk about any other topic of conversation going.  We will ask them how they are, where they are living, what has happened to them recently and we will listen without judgement.

To discover more about volunteering with the Rahab team, click here or call 07443 487191.

What is Rahab?

Rahab is part of The Mustard Tree, a local Reading based, charity project that serves those who are sexually exploited in:

• On-street prostitution.
• Off-street (brothels, massage parlours, escorts and those providing services from their own home).
• Working in the commercial sex industry.

We do this by:

• Advocating on behalf of individuals at other service meetings (e.g. probation, drugs and alcohol), appointments and court appearances.
• Referring to organisations who can help by completing forms e.g. benefits, housing.
• Prison and hospital visits.
• Supporting individuals when they are released from prison, assisting in their integration back into the community.

Our Christian Chaplaincy Outreach programme enables us to:

• Be a presence on the streets of Reading.
• Promote sexual health and well-being.
• Identify issues individuals are facing and need assistance with.