Supporting women who are sexually exploited; working with them to break free from the cycles of abuse, poverty, and addiction
What we do

Rahab is a Charity project which exists to support women who are sexually exploited. Through our regular night outreach and daytime support we are able to offer advice and opportunities for positive change into a sustainable lifestyle.

Our volunteers go out regularly to meet with those who are involved in on-street prostitution in Reading. We are able to provide hot or cold drinks, some snacks, and safety equipment, as well as handing out hygiene packs. Our volunteers provide a listening ear and a friendly face when it’s needed most. We welcome people of all faiths and none in helping to support our clients on outreach.

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What Is Rahab?

Rahab is a local, Reading based, Charity project that serves women who are sexually exploited through:

On-street prostitution,
Off-street (brothels, massage parlours, escorts and those providing services from their own home),
Working in the commercial sex industry,
Manipulation or coercion into sexual activity of any kind for another persons gain.

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Rahab is part of a local charity called The Mustard Tree.

The Mustard Tree is a family of projects seeking to be a voice for the unheard. We strive to identify, support and empower the misunderstood and overlooked in our local community.
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