Give a Gift, Change a Life

Everyone wants to know their worth, and that their life has value. This is true no matter the circumstance they may find themselves in. Our Rahab staff and lovely volunteers go out on the streets to meet with women who are vulnerable and exploited on \”their turf\”. Week after week the Rahab outreach teams aim to show these women their true value by giving them time, attention, advice and practical support to make positive changes in their lives.

We invite you to donate to Rahab this Christmas

A gift of £4, will buy a health pack for a Rahab client on our outreach.

A gift of £18, will buy a meal and one-to-one Rahab support for a vulnerable woman.

A gift of £60, will buy one night of outreach where Rahab can support 6 clients.

Give a Gift and Change a Life with Rahab
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