It’s been a busy summer for the Rahab team!

Now that the night’s are drawing out and it’s getting a bit colder, we can reflect on a busy summer for the Rahab team.

In June, we had over 100 conversations with 19 different women.  Whilst we chat, we provide the women with a drink, refreshments, condoms, toiletries or offer information about the support that is available in the community.  It’s an opportunity to listen, not judge and to be there for them.

July, August and September were quieter, but there were often women we have not met before.  Over the next few weeks, as they get to know us and we build trust, we will be able to find out more about how we can support them.

A bad batch of heroine has resulted in drug addicts being hospitalised including a couple of our women.  Whilst making a good recovery now and, for the moment clean, it highlights the power of addiction that people are willing to put the most awful mixture of toxic chemicals into their bodies.

The Rahab team have rallied to support these challenges with some visiting those in hospital, others covering for volunteers who off sick so that the level of support remains consistent.  We aim for consistency in our support for the women and in our prayers for them as through this, their trust in us will build and, we hope, they will see how the love of God can transform their lives.

As Christians we have an example of consistency through Jesus Christ which was drawn from the unchangeable nature of God.  In Hebrews, we read “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to-day, and for ever” (13:8).