Fancy a cuppa or a can?

Last month we shared with you how important it is to take time to talk.  This month, we want to talk with about the importance of a cuppa or a can…

The Rahab outreach kits consists mainly of two large (and very bright orange) bags.  In this bag, you will find condoms, toiletries, loads of chocolate (with Kinder Bueno being the favourite) and the most popular items being the hot chocolate, coffee and cans of different kinds of pop – Coke, Rio and Rubicon).

It is when preparing the cup of coffee or hot chocolate, that we can have the most meaningful conversations.  It is the natural environment to just stop a while and share some news.

It’s not just the opportunity to talk.  The drinks that we give out may also be the only non-alcoholic drink that the woman has had recently and would help with dehydration and the various conditions that it can result in.

Offering refreshments is at the heart of all of The Mustard Tree’s projects – and here is a cheeky ask.

We are asking for a donation of six cups of coffee over Lent.  The average cost of a cup of coffee is £3.50 – and over the six weeks of Lent, that’s just £21.  Of course, if you are able, please Gift Aid it and that will result in over £25 going directly to our work helping people thrive.

To donate visit our website click here or call us on 0118 956 7000 for details of how to donate.

 Thank you.