Rahab Blog: You’re a bad boy Mr White

In 2022 we found some poems written by a former sex worker.  This set of poems offer us an incredible insight into her life at the time.  Here is ‘You’re a bad boy Mr White’ (‘Mr White’ and ‘Mr Brown’ are slang for drugs).

You’re a bad boy Mr White

Look what you’ve done to me, I am a right sight

But I don’t know who’s worse, Mr White or Mr Brown

All he does is make me look glum and down.

Sore face, dirty nails, lank hair

It’s just not fair

I was a beauty till you both arrived

My life you messed up

My mind you contrived

When will it stop?

This yearning inside

My heart says no

My mind says it’s easier to go with the flow

My strength has run out

My street cred is nout

Stealing, cheating, lying to all

No morals left for me to fall

You’ve left my life in a complete and utter mess.

I need some help to get some rest

Do you hear my cry’s for the help I need

Just give me one change, I know I’ll succeed

I know I have begged for this before

But this time, I promise, I know for sure

I won’t let Mr White or Mr Brown

Turn my life upside down

They won’t meddle with my body or play with my mind

I just need to let my thoughts unwind

They cause me so much heartache,

They lost me my soul and my fate

Now Mr White and Mr Brown

Will be buried with no mates

And I will be free

From the pain and the past

To be that girl that’s meant to be me

Just let me win it’s within my grasp

There’s light at the end of the tunnel, its coming in sight

I’m fighting the devil, they call Mr White

This time I will win, he’s losing his bite

Mr Brown shows his ugly head and expects me to beg

Goodnight Mr White and Goodnight to you Mr Brown

It’s a long time coming but I’m sure I have the strength to put you to bed.

It’s a sorry story you all may know

A fight from the beginning to the end that Mr White led

Followed not far behind was Mr Brown in tow

I know you didn’t start this fight

It was my past, that was harsh and not right.

But now I have have to take a stand

And make you see my dreams of the Promised Land

You broke my body, mind and soul

The life you led me has taken its toll

You have lost the right and made me fight

Goodbye and goodnight both Mr Brown and Mr White

Now my future looks healthy and bright

You’ll wait for me, I know, on the road outside

But you will see me smile as I go by

Now I know how to shoot you down

To both of you its my delight to say goodbye and goodnight

I am the girl who broke free

You lost your grip and let me be ME.


Most of the women we support are struggling with substance abuse.  Please hold them in your prayers.

“…The second is this, you shall love your neighbour as yourself, there is no other commandment greater than these.”  Mark chp 12 v 31