About Us

Restoring all hope and belief

Our Values

Compassion motivates us, as we recognise the inherent value of every individual. Rahab does not exist to ‘fix’ people, we are instead here to serve. By offering befriending and support we seek to open up opportunities and restore all hope and belief.

Our History

Rahab began when 3 people independently contacted the National Christian Alliance on Prostitution (NCAP).  In the same month, local police asked the Mustard Tree Foundation’s CEO if support could be offered to women involved in on-street prostitution, helping break the cycle of re-offending.  People from local churches and Christian social action organisations formed the Steering Group, and night outreach started in November 2005.  Over a decade later, we’re still predominantly a voluntary organisation for night outreach and now offer day-time support, key-work and advocacy, partnering with other local organisations.

Day and Night Outreach Teams

We are looking for more volunteers to help with providing outreach. This is a unique service, that is only possible through our dedicated team of volunteers.  It is only through regular contact that we can build relationships and provide much needed support.

Are you able to give some time?        Find Out More



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