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Georgia*’s Story

* Client’s name has been changed for safety and privacy reasons.

Here at Rahab, we care about our clients. Every client we meet is different. While there are similarities within their severe and multiple disadvantaged situations, each of our clients have different timescales for their support needs.

As the only service in Reading to be dedicated to supporting sex workers, Rahab is uniquely placed to give clients the person focused support they require. We’ve also been around since 2005, and over the years we have had the wonderful opportunity to hear these individuals stories over the years, and to build relationships within a “hard-to-reach” community.

Have a read of one of our client’s journey with us so far:

Georgia* is an on-street prostituted woman, who was referred to Rahab by a friend. Georgia is scared about what will happen to her if she doesn’t make changes to her life soon. We have been able to take her along to the substance abuse treatment service, where she is on her way to being scripted, as well as advocating for her at a housing appointment. These steps have seen Georgia referred into a SWEP program, so she is not sleeping in the cold and will be referred for local housing in the future. Rahab are continuing to support Georgia.

Do you or someone you know want support from Rahab? Contact us, or check out our Referral Page to find out more about letting us know how we can help best.

If you want to help Rahab to support people like Georgia, find out more on how to get involved here.

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