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Say Hello To Our New Logo!

Today we’re launching our new logo, and we’re refreshing Rahab in general. Our old logo was lovely, so you might be wondering why we’ve evolved it, so we’re here we are to explain why we decided to evolve it.

Firstly, we haven’t just changed our look for the sake of it. We know the change is inevitable, and Rahab wants to embrace that! Our reason for changing our logo is because our project has refocused. Over the years Rahab’s spotlight ballooned, and at that point in time Rahab rebranded from our first look…

Rahab's first logo
Rahab’s first logo

Our very first logo was created when we launched back in 2005. It was distinctive, and tried to convey shattered lived becoming whole. From the above, our very first, lovingly designed logo, we transitioned to another look which encompassed our next direction…

Rahab's Second Logo

This logo was trying to communicate a lot, which worked for Rahab while our resources and time were dedicated on all forms of exploitation. However, since the summer of 2018, Rahab was able to return to it’s roots. We’ve had a bit of a reset.

We’ve worked alongside a designer who kindly donated their time to us to create our new look. We’ve used a similar colour palette, as we’ve always drawn from the scarlet thread talked about in Joshua 2, and we believe what we’ve developed is more refined, but still contains some of the spirit of the original look back from 2005. It’s an update or evolution from where we started, and one that can scale easily, and work better, in many more places.

New Rahab Logo
New Rahab Icon

Our hope behind this post was just to let you know about the change, so you aren’t too surprised that we look a little different to what you’re used to seeing.

With love, the team at Rahab. 👍

P.S. And of course, a huge thank you to our lovely designer for helping us with this change!

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