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What Does Supporting Rahab Look Like?

You may have read our post from the beginning of this month about why it’s important to support those in the sex industry (if not, click the link!).

Rahab is a small local organisation that is based in Reading. Here, we primarily support women involved in survival sex work. This is an extremely vulnerable part of society, which is associated with high levels of stigma. Rahab offers support to clients which is born from our faith based ethos. Our ethos is not to ‘fix’ people, but instead to serve them. Our tailored and holistic support for each individual is motivated by our compassion.

We are keen to build relationship with our clients. This involves time – lots of it! In recognising the inherent value of each individual client, we give our resources to meet with them, to respond to texts, to call them when they need a chat, to attend meetings and appointments with them. Rahab exists to facilitate positive choices for our clients, with opportunities to restore hope and belief.

So, what can you do?

Our work is only possible through the support of those who donate and volunteer with us. If you want to find out more about this, Get Involved Here.

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