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Why Sex Work? – Is Commercial Sex Normal?

Our society promotes sexual objectification through the wide availability of porn, and the well known marketing phrase of “sex sells”. This toleration of sexual exploitation is even affecting the lives of young people, including young people taking naked or semi-naked photos of themselves. Young girls at school are wearing shorts under their school skirts in an attempt to avoid sexual violence. Both of the articles linked date back to 2016, this is not a new phenomena in our culture.

the big picture

These cultural shifts have largely resulted in some people not being seen as a real person, and instead being viewed purely as a commodity. The person’s value becomes nothing more than what they can sell.

If we want to see people not being sexually exploited, then society needs to be transformed. This isn’t a small task, to change the hyper-sexualised mindset we live in, but it’s the only way to prevent people suffering through sexual exploitation.

What can we do now?

The heartbreaking reality of people being objectified and marginalised is something we see our clients living the effects of everyday. They have shown surprise at Rahab’s willingness to help them, and give time to them.

Rahab runs regular outreach, where we meet individuals involved in commercial sexual exploitation. This is an opportunity for our team to demonstrate the love of God for our clients, build relationships, hand out some supplies, and if they want it to offer them help them to break free from the cycle of abuse, poverty & addiction.

Find out more on how to get involved here.

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