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Why Support those in the Sex Industry?

We can all understand the reason organisations exist which are dedicated to supporting and caring for people who have been trafficked, and they’re so important. It’s also important to discuss why organisations like Rahab exist. In our case, our staff and volunteers dedicate time and energy into caring for and supporting prostituted women, some of whom will not describe themselves as “sexually exploited”. So this dynamic becomes somewhat tricky to understand at times: Why would you support an individual who has chosen to work in the on-street sex industry?

In one of our previous blogs we discussed the perceived “choice” of those involved in the commercial sex industry. We’re keen to not deny that some of our clients really have “chosen” the industry in the past. However, through our on-going conversations with many of our clients, we can vouch for most cases we see being “the choice of those with the fewest choices”. This means that the people we serve have been let down at some point; they’ve not received the love and care that every individual deserves.

Rahab exists to ‘restore all hope and belief’. We try and do this by building relationships with our clients. We befriend them. We advocate at meetings and appointments with and for our clients to help them to be seen and heard. We visit them. We provide them with health packs and refreshments on our night outreaches. We chat to them about whatever is going on with them. We offer them support in whichever way they ask for. We care for them.

Why do we choose to do all of this? For us at Rahab, that’s a simple answer: we love them. In the Bible, there’s a verse which says:

“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

Check out this short video which helps unpack biblical love:

Rahab’s foundation of a Christian ethos means that our staff and volunteers are keen to communicate this love to our clients. This love enables us to: persevere where others might give up; put our clients first; and most importantly to keep showing up. We’re not saying that we get it right all of the time, absolutely not! We’re humans the same as you, but we endeavour to to keep going and trying to show God’s love to the people we support.

If this is something that speaks to you, click here to find out how you can get involved with Rahab!

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