What Is Rahab?

Rahab is a local, Reading based, charity project that serves those who are sexually exploited in:

• On-street prostitution,
• Off-street (brothels, massage parlours, escorts and those providing services from their own home),
• Working in the commercial sex industry,
• Manipulation or coercion into sexual activity of any kind for another persons gain

We do this by:

• Advocating on behalf of individuals at other service meetings (e.g. probation, drugs & alcohol), appointments and court appearances,
• Completing forms e.g. benefits, housing,
• Prison and hospital visits,
• Collecting individuals on release from prison, assisting in their integration back into the Community

Our Chaplaincy Outreach program enables us to:

• Be a presence on the streets of Reading,
• Promote sexual health and well-being,
• Identify issues individuals are facing and need assistance with

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