“I just wanted to comment that it’s a privilege to be able to go out on the streets and meet these lovely ladies. Most of them are very chatty and appreciative of us being willing to meet them. Some are amazed that we give up our own time to see them, voluntary.” – Sue, a Rahab Volunteer

Could you give some time?

There are different ways that you could support Rahab including…

Night Outreach

Go out with a team in the evening to give out supplies, and chat to those who are sex working.

Day Outreach

Meet up with our clients in the day to offer a listening ear.  Accompanying them to a medical or council appointment can also be very much appreciated and enable our clients to get the support they need.


Even if you aren’t able to get involved in either of our current outreach programs, if you have an idea of how you can contribute we’d love to hear from you! This might be giving time to put together packs for our outreach sessions, raising awareness of what we do, or something completely different.

To find out more about how to get involved, please contact us by clicking below.

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