How to Help Raise Money for Victims of Sexual Exploitation

You might be wondering how you could make a difference to those who are sexually exploited. Rahab exists as a service which offers tailored, holistic and relational support to individuals who are vulnerable and often unheard. We\’ve put together a list of ideas on how you can help to fundraise for Rahab\’s services to keep running. Fundraising is not only a great way to support us financially, but also to raise awareness for our cause!

  • Afternoon tea party (have a donation pot, or sell tickets!)
  • Art sale
  • Auction (ask people to donate items or experiences and then auction them off to the highest bidder)
  • Babysitting (you can ask your neighbours, family or friends to donate for your services!)
  • Barn dance (sell tickets, and have extras like a raffle, a cloakroom and refreshments on the night)
  • Ball (make it a night to remember)
  • Bring and sell
  • Cake sale (everyone loves a cake sale! You could even combine this with a Bake Off style competition with a donation to enter!)
  • Carol singing (for the festive time of year – take along a bucket or a tin to collect people\’s lose change!)
  • Clothes swap (charge an entry fee and then you can donate any of the unwanted items to Rahab afterwards!)
  • Coffee mornings (a great opportunity to share coffee, cake and a chat with your favourite people and ask for donations)
  • Competitions (challenge your work colleagues, mates, or have a competition at the gym – have fun while raising money and awareness!)
  • Dinner Party (invite some friends over for a homecooked dinner, and ask them to donate what they\’d usually spend on a meal out or a takeaway instead)
  • Egg Hunt (another festive suggestion, combine with egg and spoon races for an Easter themed party where you can charge for entry)
  • Eighties night (charge for entry, ask everyone to wear fancy dress, and enjoy a night of old tunes and neon!)
  • Escape room (make your own for the day and ask your friends to pay to play!)
  • Face painting (include this at an event for a fun, easy way to get creative)
  • Fun run (no matter what your fitness level, you could find a park run or a 5K race near you, wear fancy dress and ask people to sponsor you to look a little bit silly!)
  • Film night (set up a projector on a wall, show a favourite film and have popcorn, hot dogs and other refreshments available for donations)
  • Football sweepstake (place your bets on the winner at the start of the season to make it even more fun for you and your group of friends!)
  • Guessing competition (what\’s the name of the bear? How many sweets in the jar? Who\’s baby photo?…etc!)
  • Garden party (make the most of good weather, have a paddling pool, rediscover swingball, and host some summer fun)
  •! (this is a website we use to enable our supporters to give on either a one-off basis, or to set up a monthly donation – here you can select \”Give Monthly\” and then choose The Rahab Project to ensure your donation ends up in the right place!)
  • Gig (if you\’re musical or know someone who is, people love to heave live music and there are venues who will be able to host events like this for free)
  • Head shave (not for the faint of heart! Shave it all off, and sell it after for more donations)
  • Hire a helper (offer your time to garden/clean/cook for a donation to Rahab
  • International Night (give each friend a country and they can bring a dish native to that country, and ask for donations too)
  • Just give! (seems a simple one, but it doesn\’t take much organising to do it, find out more on how to give here)
  • Karaoke (show off your secret skills and have a lot of fun)
  • Leg wax (you\’ll get more sponsors if you\’re male!)
  • Lucky dip (you could have this regularly at the office, school, or church)
  • Marathon
  • Murder mystery (a themed evening can easily be turned into a fundraiser, with refreshments or even a sit down meal!)


  • Netball tournament
  • Non-uniform day (ask your school if they will donate the proceeds of your next one to Rahab)
  • New years party (you\’ll probably go to one anyway, so why not ask for donations for sparklers?)


  • Obstacle course
  • Odd clothes day (get sponsored to let a small child pick your clothes out for a day!)
  • Open mic night (the \’high-end\’ version of karaoke)


  • Party (any occasion can be turned into a fundraiser!)
  • Pancake night (cheap and well liked! You can ask people to donate too)
  • Pamper evening (gather your friends and ask them to donate while you do facemasks and paint your nails)


  • Quiz night (a classic! Provide refreshments to keep your teams going and have an interesting prize)


  • Raffles (add a little something extra to any event you\’re hosting)
  • Rugby sweepstake (place your bets on the winner at the start of the season to make it even more fun for you and your group of friends!)


  • Silence (keep quiet to demonstrate the struggle of those who are unheard in society)
  • Sports day (at the park, on the beach, in your garden. Gather a group and get them competing)
  • Sky diving
  • Sponsored challenge (the more creatively you think the more you\’ll raise – \”they’ll never do that!\”)
  • Swear box (set one up in the office or at home and watch it get filled – under your breath still counts!)


  • Treasure hunt (charge an entry fee or ask for donations and provide an afternoon of entertainment)
  • Talent competition (at school/uni/work/church or anytime/anywhere to showcase whichever gifts you have)
  • TED style talk (do you have some knowledge that other people would be interested in? Ask for an entry fee to a short talk on your niche topic!)


  • Unwanted gifts sale (don\’t put them away somewhere you\’ll forget about them, organise an evening with friends, or pop them on Facebook Marketplace or eBay and donate the proceeds to Rahab)
  • Ultimate challenges (maybe you want to test your physical ability, or you even doing something like ironing for 12 hours straight. Have a think and get sponsored!)


  • Variety show (an opportunity to showcase different)


  • Walks (a serious hike or a fancy dressed wander through town)
  • Wine tasting (you could even upgrade to a cheese and wine night)


  • X Factor sweepstake (place your bets on the winner at the start of the season to make it even more fun for you and your group of friends!)


  • Yoga (ask if your yoga teacher would donate an hour of their time and host a class inexchange for donations and spread the word)
  • Yoga challenge (an extended session of yoga? 12 hours? 24 hours? Something worth sponsoring!)


  • Zumba class (ask if your Zumba teacher would donate an hour of their time and host a class inexchange for donations and spread the word)

You can head to our Fundraising page to download our sponsorship form, and to find out how much money will make a difference to the individuals we support. If you have any questions, or even some suggestions for us, don\’t hesitate to Get In Contact – we\’d love to hear from you!