Why do women turn to sex work? Read the words of one of the women

When archiving Rahab materials last year, we came upon a set of poems written by one of the women ‘S’ a few years ago.

One of the most common questions we are asked is why do women turn to sex work and what has happened in their life for them to make the decisions they do.

Asking Why?

I know one thing is sure, that ain’t no doubt

I think things in my head that make me shout.

Let me explain to you how I am feeling

The reasons why I started drugs and stealing

It all started when I was very young

My step-dad did horrible things to me and my Mum.

He was a man who loved to drink

I suppose that’s why he did not think.

He was so mean, it’s hard to explain

All I remember is the pain and shame.

I wake up every morning and wish I was free

But all I can remember is what happened to me

I want these bad thoughts to just get out

Cos all it does is make me angry and shout.

I always aske myself that simple word ‘why’?

Sometimes I wish I could curl up and die.

Then I stop and say ‘Why do I think this way?’

Cos I’m still letting him get to me every day.

There were the ones who were wrong

So, I have to keep going and be strong.

One day I will overcome all the bad damage they have done.


 I have never met a person who has chosen this way of life.  When one women was asked when she began sex working, she simple replied ‘When I became addicted to heroin’.

Psalm 147:3 – ‘He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.’

Please hold these women in your prayers.