Rahab: Time to Talk Day – talking is at the heart of what we do

Talking, chatting, conversing, debating, chit-chat, gossiping, yakking, jawing, nattering or simply putting the world to rights – it’s time to get talking.  As we celebrate ‘Time to Talk’ day on February 1st, at Rahab, talking is one of the most important things we do…… it is second only to listening which is in joint first place with praying!

The conversations during our night-time outreach are so varied some are concerning, others need actions and follow up care whilst others are an opportunity to laugh together.

During our outreach we check in on the women we support – are they OK? Do they need any help? How is life?  Often the answer is ‘I’m fine, you know – the usual’. It is how we build up their trust through talking, listening and not judging them.  Digging a little deeper to the response to ‘I’m fine’ is really important to show how much we care and that we are genuinely interested in supporting them.

There are also some funny conversations as we share our adventures and stories with theirs, or light-hearted chats about a myriad of topics.  Through building a rapport, we continue to build trust and from that we can walk alongside them as they make positive life choices.

Encouraging people to talk is so important.  Just a five-minute chat can lift someone’s day, encourage them and let them know that someone (you) care.

If you do one thing after reading this, please make time to talk to someone you’ve not reached out to in a while.

We are looking for new volunteers to join the Rahab team, if this is something you would be interested in, please click here for our volunteer information pack, email rahab@themustardtree.org or call 07443 487191.

Christine Munday – Project Director